The oil industry is booming. Taking leaps of faith forward every day, but for a price. Containing this petroleum oil is a feat in itself. Underground lies tanks, reservoirs, holding this fuel consumed by the world. Accidents do happen, leaks may occur, and those responsible need to know the system of procedures for when this happens. The EPA Guide is your number one resource when a spill or leak occurs. Confiding in this guide of rules, regulations, and protocols will be your one stop for know-how when emergency situations arise.

Key Takeaways:

  • The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has released a desktop guide to assist operators with understanding and complying with incident prevention and management requirements.
  • Clearly it does not cover all items to do with UPSS compliance, however it is an excellent prompt for managers.
  • Guides like this help drive pro-active compliance, and assist operators in not only understanding the requirements, but also keeping maintenance, reporting and training front of mind.

“It is important that managers understand the areas they should be considering and addressing in regards to UPSS management, however it is often overlooked that site staff need to be briefed on environmental control measures too.”

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