it was a scene right out of a horror movie as a car made it into a petrol station only moments before catching on fire. it was a dramatic scene that left many frazzled and confused. luckily and shocking to many, no one was hurt in the injured that could’ve been much worse. Read more about this incident here.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Perth driver made the bizarre decision to pull into a petrol station in panic after noticing smoke bellowing from her car on Tuesday afternoon.
  • She took the next exit and pulled into the petrol station on Vincent street, where the car was soon engulfed in flames and destroyed by fire.
  • The petrol station staff were kind of panicked at that point,” a witness told Nine News.

“A woman has had a lucky escape after her car caught fire just moments after she parked it in Leederville. Vision: Nine News Perth.”

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