The need for environmentally safe storage of biofuels is increasing. As the hands of time, without fail, continue to turn, the life expectancy on underground tanks decreases. With fear of tanks leaking biofuels into the ground, which then affects the environment around it, governing bodies are coming together to formulate, or brainstorm ideas to combat this enemy to the environment without putting those who work in this field out of business.

Key Takeaways:

  • And ones that both the NSW and Queensland Governments must now grapple with as they consider the grounds for the exemption of fuel retail businesses from new biofuels laws.
  • Failure to adequately consider these issues risks promotion of one public policy objective (i.e. increased sale of biofuels) at the cost of another public policy objective (i.e. protection of the natural environment).
  • In the absence of any definitive guidelines – and the lack of government grants for upgrade of storage tanks as adopted in the USA – the quantum of risk is largely unknown to both industry and government.

“This revision included the introduction of specific requirements for ensuring improved compatibility of underground storage tanks with ethanol blended fuels – both for E10 and for higher petrol ethanol blends like E20.”

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