Top fuel software and field technology company Leighton O’Brien is partnering with Wolftank Adisa group in an effort to market its products to markets in Western Europe. According to Leighton O’Brien CEO, “there are many cultural synergies” between the companies. He goes on to say that fuel modernization formulations have changed the rules for fuel retailers, and he hopes the new partnership will provide the best third party software to their customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Melbourne, Australia, 6 October 2016 –- Leighton O’Brien, a leading fuel software and field technologies company, today announced a strategic partnership with Wolftank Adisa Group, a leader in storage tank corrosion protection and leak prevention technologies.
  • “I am particularly happy to complete our service portfolio with this advanced technology, offering the best available solution to our customers.”
  • “This partnership also enables us to extend our cleaning solutions for tanks in operation to remediate microbial growth, phase separation and water contamination,”

“the partnership will enable the company to introduce and market its technology suite throughout Western Europe, as well as market and support Wolftank’s technology portfolio in the Asia Pacific region.”

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