Underground storage tanks are a huge expense that are built racing against time. Installers complain they don’t have the time or money for pre-concrete tests. But the CEO of a company that tests these installations says a study they did had staggering results – analog pressure gauges often didn’t detect small leaks. These errors are difficult to address once concrete is poured – so it’s much better to detect and fix these issues earlier.

Key Takeaways:

  • A conversation two petroleum industry executives might have at a trade conference or a chance encounter at an airport gate lounge in Dallas, Denver, or Detroit.
  • I’m not convinced you guys in the tank-testing business understand that we don’t have a profit margin
  • that allows us to pay for bells and whistles when we’re putting in USTs at a new site—no offense,” remarked the national retail-petroleum executive.

““Once the new USTs are emplaced, connected, and ready, the crews use industry-standard pressure tests to ensure integrity.”


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