Mobile transport owners and operators in Australia face new standards. The revised standards will promote improved fire safety, experts say. And it doesn’t come a moment too soon – an enclosed engine compartment is at high risk with a combination of heat, highly flammable material, hot exhausts and electrical components. There’s always a chance of a devastating and costly fire, says a fire protection expert.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fire safety standards for mobile transport owners and operators have been changed under the revised Australian Standard AS 5062-2016 Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment.
  • “The combination of heat, flammable liquids, turbo chargers, and hot exhaust and electrical components in an enclosed engine compartment can put vehicles at a high potential risk of a devastating and costly fire,”
  • New provisions for tolerance testing and routine service, which have been introduced from Australian Standard AS1851-2012 Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment.

“This process recognises that fire hazards and risks associated with mobile and transportable equipment are often too complex to be fully understood by one person.”

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