Have you ever wondered about where raw materials come from? Society runs on a bunch of things that are taken from the earth – like coal for heat, oil for running our cars, and a variety of other things on top of that. All of that has to come from somewhere, and this is especially true for the mining industry. “Where do our raw materials come from? [infographic]” shows where some of the most common raw materials originate.

Key Takeaways:

  • It also indicates the top three countries they originate from, with China dominating production for many natural resources.
  • China was the biggest gold producing country for the seventh year in a row and was also responsible for 14 per cent of the world’s mining output.
  • Alternatively, South Africa produced 71 per cent of the world’s platinum while Mexico produced 21 per cent of the world’s silver.

“BullionVault’s latest infographic identifies the global output in dollar terms of the world’s most important natural resources and raw materials.”


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