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Become a F.E.S. TANKS Distributor

There is a Huge Demand for Aboveground Self Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks

F.E.S. TANKS specialize in the manufacturing and installation of aboveground, self bunded fuel storage tanks and custom dispensing solutions – for Diesel, Gasoline, Flammable Liquids, Lubricants, Heavy Fuel Oils, Jet A1, Avgas or other industrial liquids.

If your customers are in an industry that relies on bulk fuel storage and efficient fuel management solutions, we can help.

Interested In Becoming a F.E.S. TANKS Distributor?

We’re looking for strategic partners that are experienced and qualified in planning, building and commissioning turnkey fuel solutions for customers that store and pump large volumes of fuel on a daily basis.

Partners that understand the characteristic and challenges of storing and pumping Diesel, Gasoline, Flammable Liquids, Lubricants, Heavy Fuel Oils, Jet A1, Avgas or other industrial liquids.

Partners that:

  • Solves their customer’s fuel related problems
  • Establish value and goodwill
  • Differentiate themselves from competitors
  • Dedicated customer service values
  • Have a commitment to business growth
  • Can do – will do attitude.

Sound like you and your business? If so, let’s talk!

What We Provide:

Our success is tied to the success of our partners. That’s why we aim to ensure success by providing essential elements like:

  • Dedicated Account Management Team
  • Comprehensive Onboarding and Product Training
  • Joint Sales Efforts and Support (Customer Needs Analysis Proposal Development, Customer Monitoring and Consultation)
  • Marketing Materials (Talking Points, Product Catalogs, Market Research, Case Studies, Content Templates, Demo Kits, POP banners, posters and stickers)
  • Volume-based Pricing Mode

Hands-On Support

We don’t stop evolving our products, service offering and support packages for customers and strategic partners.

That includes well-organized resources under the essential areas of product training, product development, sales & marketing support and profitability.

If any of this sounds like what you’re looking for, tell us more about you and your company. Fill in the contact form and let’s have a conversation about a bigger opportunity.

We’re looking for strategic partners


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