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Fuel Tank Hire

Hire a fuel storage tank

When your needs are changing or you need fuel storage equipment on the ground fast, F.E.S. TANKS’ self-bunded fuel tank hire is an affordable, flexible and compliant business solution.

Wherever you are, we provide scalable options to meet the needs of your project or operation without the need for expensive construction works, long-term contracts or up-front capital outlay.

Why hire a F.E.S. self-bunded fuel storage tank?

If your business is growing or you need fuel storage for a specific project, fuel tank hire and lease agreements can help you meet immediate fuel storage demand without a high amount of initial investment or cash flow.

This flexibility means you can trial a system before deciding to purchase. It also makes it easy to upgrade the size of your leased equipment or change the configuration of your system to meet your changing needs.

Hiring fuel tanks can also be a great way to provide immediate access to fuel in remote areas, for off-site projects or in any situation where long-term fuel storage might not be practical or necessary.

F.E.S. TANKS fuel storage hire give you access to our top quality self-bunded fuel tanks where and when you need them.  Our free expert consultancy service ensures we supply the most appropriate combination of tank, dispensing and fuel management systems to suit your needs.

Advantages of F.E.S. fuel tank hire

When you hire from us advantages include:

  • No upfront capital outlay
  • Free expert consultancy
  • Flexibility to suit your business needs – avoid unnecessary costs and maximise efficiency by returning or upgrading fuel storage tanks at any time
  • Save on depreciation and fuel storage costs
  • Allows your ability to buy diesel at wholesale prices rather than retail prices
  • Installation provided even in remote locations
  • High quality, safe and reliable F.E.S. tanks that are portable and compliant with all Australian Standards and health and safety regulations, including for mine sites and fuel farms.

High quality self-bunded diesel fuel tanks

Our self-bunded diesel tanks are ideal for any situation where flexible fuel or lubricant storage is needed. Our tanks are suitable for all commercial, industrial and agricultural work sites and fuel farms. They are also used as storage tanks for large buildings with generators such as hospitals.

Features include:

  • Dual wall containment means no need for bunds and expensive site preparation work
  • Available in sizes from 1,000 to 110,000 litres to meet your business needs
  • Curved tank roof, high grade fittings and extra-thick anti-corrosion coating prevent rust and ensure longer tank life and better protection for your fuel and your engines.

Easy set-up and maintenance

Along with all the benefits of a dual-walled system to minimise fuel loss, maximise quality and meet all environmental requirements, our tanks have a minimal on-site footprint. There’s no need for external construction works to ensure safety compliance.

Our fuel tanks for hire also come with a certified maintenance document to ensure they are fully operational for immediate use on site.

Easy to use fuel tanks

Setting up our self-bunded tanks is as easy as dropping them on-site. Our tanks are easily transportable by road, rail or sea and can be sited almost anywhere. They are designed to fit within a standard ISO shipping container.

It’s also easy to get inside an F.E.S. tank for cleaning and inspection, because they come with dual manways so there’s no need to disconnect the pump. Fittings have also been designed for easy fuel dispensing, based on our practical experience with fuel tanks in many different situations.

Complete fuel management service

At F.E.S. TANKS we offer turnkey refuelling solutions to make sure you get the best tank and dispensing system for your needs. You’ll receive sound advice from experts with years of practical experience in both fuel supply and distribution.

Our engineers and technicians can tell you exactly the right type of equipment you need for your situation. We’ll work out the best combination of fuel tank, pump and dispensers taking into account factors like:

  • the volume of fuel
  • refuelling flow rates
  • locations of the tanks and
  • the needs of your end users

Because of our years of experience in the field, you can be sure this is practical, workable advice – not theory.

We can also provide spill kits containing materials to absorb and contain with hazardous waste spills, to ensure that your premises are fully compliant with health & safety regulations.

Ask for free advice and a quotation now

Fuel tank hire can be complex but we are here to help. You can also rely on us for up to date knowledge about the best equipment and current legislation.

Whether you have a simple query or need a detailed proposal, get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.

Ask the experts at F.E.S. today about the right solution for your needs

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