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The GRANDE range of aboveground self bunded storage tanks provides a safe, convenient and efficient way to store and pump large quantities of diesel, petrol, flammable liquids or lubricants in any location.

A Large Volume Aboveground Storage Tank Solution

Our GRANDE tanks come in a variety of sizes that can store hydrocarbons from 12,000 litres to 110,000 litres as standard. This is our flagship product range for a fast and flexible aboveground self bunded tank solution.

GRANDE self-contained bunded fuel tanks have a built-in pump bay design to deliver a fast and flexible fuel storage and fuel management solution in one unit.

GRANDE tanks are constructed to international ISO shipping container footprints of 20, 40 or 48 foot dimensions and utilize the container lock system. This ensures ease of transport, saving your business time and money.

Our most popular size tanks are the GRANDE 12, GRANDE 30, GRANDE 68 and the GRANDE 110. Other tank sizes are available on a demand and supply basis.

12 month standard warranty
12 month paint warranty
7 year strucural standard warranty


12,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank

> Gross volume – 11,840 litres
> Safe Fill Level – 11,240 litres
> Empty (tare) weight – 4,825 kg
> Length – 2,991 mm
> Width – 2,438 mm
> Height – 2,896 mm


30,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank

> Gross volume – 30,900 litres
> Safe Fill Level – 29,350 litres
> Empty (tare) weight – 7,705 kg
> Length – 6,058 mm
> Width – 2,438 mm
> Height – 2,896 mm


68,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank

> Gross volume – 69,020 litres
> Safe Fill Level – 65,570 litres
> Empty (tare) weight – 13,570 kg
> Length – 12,192 mm
> Width – 2,438 mm
> Height – 2,896 mm


110,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank

> Gross volume – 112,850 litres
> Safe Fill Level – 107,200 litres
> Empty (tare) weight – 18,600 kg
> Length – 14,630 mm
> Width – 2,438 mm
> Height – 3,550 mm

Fuel Supply, Storage and Security

Top 3 Benefits to a F.E.S. TANK


Quality fuel supply on site and on demand.
(24 hrs / 7 days / 365 year)


Safe storage of fuel and hydrocarbons in challenging locations. Mobile design and drop installation with plug and play commissioning. Fast and Simple


Robust tank construction with live fuel management monitoring ensuring 24/7 security access

Flexible Fuel Storage, Whatever Size Your Business

If you use large amounts of fuel daily, and need a reliable fuel supply, you need the GRANDE tank range. Our GRANDE tanks are ideal for stand-alone aboveground fuel storage units.

to service a small fleet of vehicles. They’re also a popular solution for large scale fuel farms at remote mine sites, because multiple GRANDE fuel storage tanks can be easily connected to create a large volume, high demand refuelling facility.

Bare Tank or Self Contained Fuel Management System

GRANDE tanks are available as bare tanks for simply storing fuel or can be fully fitted with fuel dispensing applications and fuel management systems to suit your exact needs.

An optional built-in pump bay design at the front of the GRANDE tank unit enables the transformation from a simple storage tank into a self-contained fuel management solution system.

We design fuel storage solutions to suit your business and your challenges.

Other Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks Available In The Grande Range


20,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank


38,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank


55,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank


75,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank


90,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank


100,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank

Standards and Approvals

We created our unique range of self bunded tanks to comply with all aspects of aboveground fuel storage tanks regulations and compliance so you don’t have to.

You won’t find a better large volume aboveground fuel storage solution at a better price.

Ask our fuel equipment specialists to quote you the storage and pumping combination that’s right for you.

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