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Farming and Agriculture

Fuel Storage Solutions for the Farming and Agricultural Sector​

Whether you’re helimustering across thousands of acres in WA or growing grain in the wheat belt, the success of your farming and agriculture operation depends on your fuel supply.

That’s why F.E.S. self-bunded farm fuel tanks and fuel management solutions ensure you have a reliable supply of fuel at the right price while minimising transport costs and keeping your machinery in top condition.

Fuel Supply, Storage and Security

Top 3 Benefits to a F.E.S. TANK


Quality fuel supply on site and on demand.
(24 hrs / 7 days / 365 year)


Safe storage of fuel and hydrocarbons in challenging locations. Design and drop installation with plug and play commissioning. Fast and simple.


Robust tank construction with live fuel management and monitoring ensuring 24/7 data and security monitoring.

Taking Control Of Your Fuel Supply

ABARES research showed that just one crop farm spent an average of $126,100 on fuel in 2022 just to harvest their goods. Even a mixed-produce farm would spend an average of $51,500 on fuel annually to get through the year.

This makes exercises in knowing how much fuel to store on the farm and how much to buy an important aspect of business planning for primary producers.

Supply problems can be devastating – particularly in times of emergency. Therefore, you need to know you have the fuel on hand to do the job. With many farming and agriculture operations relying heavily on road transport, a break in the supply chain can do significant damage to your bottom line.

F.E.S. fuel storage tanks provide a safe and compliant on-farm fuel storage solution. Our high quality tanks have an in-built secondary containment system that meets all Australian Standards and environmental requirements.

A Secure Fuel Storage Option For Farmers

Time and again, farmers tell us fuel security is at the top of their list of farm fuel issues.

If you’re storing large quantities of fuel, theft can cost you thousands of dollars instantly. That doesn’t factor in the cost in lost productivity when storage tanks or machinery tanks are drained in remote locations.

F.E.S. tanks come with lockable hatches to prevent access to valves. Our fuel management systems come with security options to help you keep track of fuel distribution and usage.

Keeping Your Fuel and Machinery Safe

There’s no point having a huge store of fuel if contaminants like water and algae creep in and spoil it. If not checked, dirty or contaminated diesel can do significant damage to the farm machinery using it.

Maximising fuel life and minimising waste means staying on top of storage and maintenance issues.

Problems like contamination and losses through leaking tanks or valves can add dramatically to the cost of farm operations, as can the need to replace poorly maintained storage systems.

F.E.S. tanks are designed with easy access to make monitoring and maintenance trouble-free.

Contaminated Fuel

Other operational issues caused by contaminated fuel:

Keeping Farmers Safe

It’s important to have safe access to tanks for cleaning and refuelling. Safety updates over recent years have included new regulations around overhead tanks, with fuel distributors enforcing tough new Workplace Health and Safety bans around access.

Apart from access problems, tank stability can also be an issue when dealing with overhead storage, with shifting foundations an issue and rust spots or joint weaknesses a risk.

If you’re considering upgrading ageing overhead storage tanks, contact us to find out about the best options for your operation.

Self Bunded Storage Solutions for the Agricultural Industry

We created our unique range of self bunded fuel storage tanks to cover all aspects of fuel compliance so you don’t have to.

The FES BLOC RANGE of tanks (up to 10,000 litres) is designed for operators with the small to medium amounts of fuel usage. They are our most popular range because of their compact size, flexibility and the ease at which they can be moved or transported. These tanks are like a first stage upgrade to an in-house refuelling solution.

Big commercial farms that use tens of thousands of litres of fuel over peak periods are well suited to our GRANDE offering. Remember no underground works required here. Drag and drop. Job done.


(1,000L - 10,000L plus)


(1,000L - 110,000L plus)


(1,000L - 110,000L plus)


(1,000L - 60,000L plus)

Farm Management Solutions

A complete fuel management solution for the agricultural industry

Our solutions for farmers and agricultural companies include:

Custom Design and Build Services

We offer a custom ‘design and build’ refuelling solution for trucking, freight and logistics companies. From storage, pumping and distribution to the latest monitoring and security technology.

Whatever your challenge on site, we guarantee to improve your fuel logistics over the long term. Better fuel logistics that deliver operational and financial savings for your business.

Standards and Approvals

We created our unique range of self bunded tanks to comply with all aspects of aboveground fuel storage tanks regulations and compliance so you don’t have to.

All F.E.S. tanks come with a standard 12-month warranty. They’re also protected by a 7-year warranty on structural manufacturing defects and 12-month warranty on manufacturing paint defects.

12 month standard warranty
12 month paint warranty
7 year strucural standard warranty

Ask the fuel experts at F.E.S. TANKS about the right solution for your needs

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