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110,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank

110,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank

110,000L Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank

Diesel, Petrol or Oil Compatible
The Grande 110 aboveground self-bunded fuel tank has been designed for safe storage of diesel, flammable liquids, oils and hydrocarbons up to 110,000 litres.

The Grande 110 is a 48” ISO shipper container style aboveground fuel storage tank only. It doesn’t have an incorporated pump bay like the GRANDE 68, GRANDE 30 or GRANDE 12. It is fully equipped with internal and fill point pipework and comes standard with ISO container style corner casings for trouble-free transportation.

The GRANDE 110 was designed purley to maximise the storage capacity within the footprint of a 48” ISO shipping container whilst still giving you the convenience of conventional road transport options.

This design guarantees savings on transport cost whilst ensuring the maximum fuel storage capacity available, perfect for the operator who has high volume refuelling requirements in any location.

Once on site, modular pump bays with fuel management systems can be attached to the front of the GRANDE 110 to allow for safe, measured fuel dispensing and filling from the storage unit.

With a modular design and double-walled steel construction, the GRANDE 110 large volume storage tank is a popular choice for remote refuelling. The GRANDE 110 tank complies with Australian Standards for the Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids whilst eliminating the need for costly concrete containment areas and site preparation work. Why not lay down multiple tanks in series to create a bulk fuel farm.

For operators looking to ensure a quality, reliable fuel supply that will help minimise downtime and keep equipment safe in remote areas, this tank offers a cost-effective and fully compliant solution. Just dropship into place and you’re ready to connect to mains power or solar, fill and go.

The GRANDE 110 comes in a variety of colours, coatings and custom dimensions, Refuelling packages can be tailored to suit all applications.

Ask our fuel experts to show you how the GRANDE 110 can improve your fuel logistics and drive down overheads for your business.

12 month standard warranty
12 month paint warranty
7 year strucural standard warranty

GRANDE 110 Tank Data

Fuel Storage Compatibility

GRANDE Standard Features*

Aboveground modular ISO containerised self-bunded fuel storage tank design and constructed to AS1940, AS1692, AS1657, UL142 and ULC-S601-14 compliance as standard.

*Standard product specification and fitting arrangement may change as products evolve.

Incoming Fuel / Product

Outgoing Fuel / Product

Pump Bay

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