Our Story

Fuel Equipment Specialists Pty Ltd (FES) was founded by three veterans of the Australian fuel and construction industries to offer a superior service at competitive prices. Established since 2013, Craig Cygler, Daryl Cygler and Robert Salerno bring over fifty years of combined experience of fuel distribution, fuel tank installation, maintenance and service.

Using their in-depth knowledge they developed a unique range of high quality fuel tanks certified to ‘Australian Standards’. Not only do FES tanks meet all regulations, they are built to last and designed with practical features that make them exceptionally easy to use, transport and maintain.

This combination of highly functional products at competitive price together with down-to-earth, informed advice makes FES an unbeatable choice for fuel tanks to hire, lease or buy.

Craig Cygler, Managing Director

Craig is an expert at strategic management in the fuel industry, with an in-depth knowledge of costings, logistics, compliance and statutory requirements. Since 1993, Craig has been Managing Director of NQ Petro, a leading contractor to petroleum clients and large operators in Australia and Papua New Guinea. The company offers complete Project Management services including fuel installation, maintenance, fuel tank decommissioning and site remediation. Using his wealth of practical experience, Craig was instrumental in helping to design the unique features that make FES tanks superior in the marketplace.

Daryl Cygler, Marketing Director

For twenty years, Daryl worked in the construction industry specialising in structural engineering consultancy. In 2009, when the construction industry was hit by the credit crunch, a change in career was in order. Daryl moved into online marketing and served his time working with one of the top tier marketing agencies in the UK. From that, Daryl brings a wealth of experience in multi channel marketing both online and offline. Combined, Daryl has a very unique skill set. If you find us, before we find you, Daryl has done his job.


About FES Tanks

FES offers a comprehensive range of fuel, petroleum and lubrication dispensing equipment including diesel tanks, self bunded (double wall) tanks, flow meters and fuel transfer pumps, spill kits and other fuel accessories. We supply equipment for all industries including industrial, mining, agricultural as well as vehicle fleets and aviation.

For your peace of mind, FES is fully insured and has all the necessary procedures in place to ensure compliance with all industry regulatory standards and OH & S. All FES tanks come with a 1 year warranty and certified by Australian engineers and bear the official ‘Australian Standards’ logo.

Company Policies

FES Tanks has full company documentation relating to polices and operating procedures. An outline of all company documentation and policies can be viewed here.

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