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Fuel Management Systems

Why you need a fuel management system

Taking control of your fuel buy means good fuel management that integrates storage, dispensing, performance monitoring and security. An integrated fuel management system will help you improve efficiency, minimise down time and take control of your fuel spend.

Our fuel management services will help you boost fleet and fuel security, track vehicle and driver performance and identify potential issues early.
For a complete turnkey refuelling solution, you can trust F.E.S. TANKS – one of the few companies to offer a one-stop service from planning right through to installation and ongoing support.

Our team specialises in designing systems that streamline fuel inventory management for the mining and metals industry, fleet and freight operators, major construction projects, farmers and agricultural producers and anyone who relies on fuel to keep their business going.

  • Reducing idling time: Every second spend idling translates to increased fuel costs. A truck idling an average of three hours a day can add the equivalent of more than 43,000km in engine wear and tear in a year, and that can add up to thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. Using fuel management software with GPS tracking not only helps with vehicle and load security, but means you can track idle time per vehicle and fleet-wide idle time averages, monitor performance and educate drivers.
  • Decreasing downtime and maintenance costs: GPS vehicle tracking solutions can also allow you to track individual vehicle fuel usage. This means you can take action early on any issues and implement effective maintenance schedules that save you on costly downtime.
  • Improving fuel security: If your vehicles refuel off-site, using a fuel management system with GPS tracking will help you reduce the risk of fuel theft by reconciling expenditures with fuel consumption.
  • Maximising productivity: Companies that use fleet management solutions can reduce total mileage by 5-10 per cent thanks to up-to-date information on vehicle locations and variables like traffic and weather, area topography and vehicle clusters.
  • Improving site safety: If you’ve got the advantage of on-site fuel storage, an effective fuel management system can help improve safety and efficiency with automated refuelling, overfill and spill prevention technology.
  • Simplifying reporting: Finally, using the right fuel management system means accurate and on-time reporting to help you maximise fuel tax credits and make the most of rebate schemes.

Getting the basics right – fuel transfer and delivery

It makes sense that monitoring your fuel should start from the very beginning, when it arrives at your site. Your integrated fuel management system includes your tanks, flow meters and fuel transfer pumps.

Our fuel management and transfer systems ensure you keep track of your fuel inventory with integrated solutions that will identify authorised deliveries, enable pumps and valves and store accurate transaction data.

Our solutions include real-time tank level measurement and overfill protection, tank level alarms and fuel condition management including water detection.

Quality fuel tanks – the heart of good fuel management

Your fuel management system includes your tanks, software and hardware like probes and sensors that can remotely provide real-time data on fuel levels in underground or above ground tanks, and can also detect leaks early to minimise fuel loss and environmental impacts.

The right tanks are at the heart of good fuel management. Our fuel tanks come in a variety of sizes to suit all needs from mining and municipal to farming and car hire fleets as well as specialist aviation tanks.

Our self bunded (double wall) tanks are unbeatable for quality, with many unique features including anti-corrosion coatings and fittings, outlets sited on the side for ease of refuelling and dual manways for easy inspection and cleaning. What’s more they hold 10% more fuel than like-for-like capacity tanks. That gives you longer periods of time in between each refill, saving money and admin – ideal for remote locations.

All F.E.S. fuel tanks come with a 12 month warranty and carry the ‘Australian Standards’ logo, as proof that they meet or exceed all Australian regulations. Tough and durable, you can’t buy a better tank at a better price.

Fuel dispensing solutions

Our high quality dispensing products include petroleum and lubrication dispensing equipment, diesel tanks, flow meters and fuel transfer pumps, spill kits and other fuel accessories.

Our dispensing and pumping systems are designed to fit neatly into the front compartment of your F.E.S. tank for easy operation and maintenance and maximum security.

Vehicle identification and authorised fuel dispensing systems can be linked to fleet or mining machinery for faster and more secure refuelling. They include options like vehicle tags or fuel inlet rings and nozzle readers that use RFID technology to authorise fuel transactions and upload data to the fuel authorisation system.

Anti-theft fuel transfer packages

Unfortunately, fuel theft is one of the most common problems facing operators. Our team is expert at designing solutions to keep your fuel safe in the tank and during transfer.

Ask our experts about options from lockable pump bays and tank caps to fuel management software that controls authorised transactions, monitors changes in fuel levels and fuel consumption of individual vehicles and uses GPS tracking can help you reduce the risk of fuel theft by reconciling expenditures with fuel consumption.

Monitoring vehicle performance and fuel usage

Your fuel management system can gather real-time data on vehicle location, and combines with fuel dispensing and vehicle data to create a clear picture of fuel usage patterns and help address issues early and optimise efficiency.

Web-based fuel management software options will integrate with your tanks and transfer systems to provide flexible, real-time reporting.

Fuel management equipment to lease, hire or purchase

All tanks, dispensing systems and other equipment can be supplied to purchase, lease or hire. Whichever option you choose, consultancy is offered free of charge to make sure you get the right system for your needs.

Our self-bunded tanks are designed for easy transportation as they are sized to fit into standard containers. Portable poly diesel tanks for industrial, mining and agricultural industries, can be carried in the back of Utes or service vehicles.

Fuel management consultancy and advice

Consultancy is offered free of charge to make sure you get the right system for your needs, and is based on our extensive experience of distributing fuel and managing fuel projects.

This knowledge is invaluable to ensure the fuel transfer packages you receive is really going to be fit-for-purpose when it’s in use in the field. Plus, we keep up to date with all current regulations, so you can be sure your fuel equipment is fully compliant with health & safety laws.

Whether you are in the early stages of gathering information about fuel management systems or if you have already identified your equipment needs and would like a quotation, please get in touch. We’re always happy to give advice and prices without obligation.

Ask the fuel experts at F.E.S. TANKS about the right fuel management solution for your needs

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