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The BLOC TANK range

If you store over 1,000 litres of fuel you must ensure you have a bunded fuel storage solution. The BLOC TANK range meets those requirements while providing a fast and flexible smaller volume storage option without the need for construction and site preparation work.

A Self Bunded Fuel Tank Solution

The F.E.S. TANKS range of self bunded BLOC tanks provides a safe, convenient and efficient way to store and dispense smaller quantities of diesel and petrol fuels or lubricants. These small self bunded cube style fuel tanks come in sizes from 1,000 to 10,000 litres and are ideal as a flexible refuelling solution or for sitting next to a generator where they can be refilled from a Grande tank.

Unique to F.E.S. TANKS, our BLOC tanks are designed for safety, efficiency and long life and comply fully with all Australian regulations.

12 month standard warranty
12 month paint warranty
7 year strucural standard warranty

1,000L Self Bunded Storage Tank

2,500L Self Bunded Storage Tank

4,500L Self Bunded Storage Tank

6,000L Self Bunded Storage Tank

10,000L Self Bunded Storage Tank

Top Quality Portable Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

Constructed to the highest quality standards with a heavy-duty 300 micron paint finish and stainless steel fittings, all our BLOC tanks have a dual wall creating a secondary internal container. This allows you to place the tank conveniently on site wherever it’s needed, without the need for expensive building work, concrete bund walls or excavations.

Cube Style Tanks Designed To Move With Your Needs

Moving your fuel supply to a new worksite is easy because all our BLOC tanks come with forklift pockets and lifting eyes at each corner. Cube styling gives you maximum volume with a space-saving small footprint. You won’t find a better quality portable cube style fuel tank at a better price. Ask our fuel equipment specialists to calculate the BLOC tank and dispensing equipment combination that’s right for you.

You won’t find a better quality, portable cube style fuel tank at a better price.

Ask our fuel equipment specialists to quote you the storage and pumping combination that’s right for you.

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