Diesel Tanks & Hydrocarbon Storage

The Australian Fuel Equipment Specialists

Trusted supplier to BP, Shell, Rio Tinto & Regional Councils

We manufacturer, supply and deliver professional-grade self-bunded fuel storage tanks and mobile re-fuelling solutions to the commercial, industrial, mining, agricultural, aviation and fuel retailing industries.

FES TANKS (Fuel Equipment Specialists Tanks) are your large-scale bunded diesel tank & hydrocarbon storage specialists.

FES TANKS' work in Australia, we work for Australia.

At FES TANKS', we believe you can only understand your customers if you work with your customers. And as we live, work and do business here, we are perfectly positioned to fully appreciate you, your line of work and your specific, logistical challenges associated with operating a business within the modern landscape of Australia. More than this, we get how important it is to work with dependable people who deliver a reliable service and an outstanding product.

FES TANKS’ diesel tank storage solutions help keep your infrastructure operating smoothly whilst delivering valuable efficiencies within the process.

The demand for diesel fuel as an energy source is constantly increasing, and there are no signs this trend is going to stop. Which means it will become more important to efficiently service and refuel hard-working commercial vehicles at scale. Add to this the specific challenges of unconventional work situations, and it becomes clear that the demand for innovative and highly flexible storage solutions that deliver on their promises time and time again will become increasingly vital to the smooth running of your business.

FES TANKS’ specifically designed range of robust and reliable portable diesel tanks offers this variety, reliability and flexibility.

Efficiencies in bulk storage and handling can actually help offset the supply fluctuations of diesel fuel prices and deliver a better return on investment for your business. Which is why FES TANKS provide everything from small mobile diesel tanks (that fit perfectly onto the back of a ute) for refuelling agricultural or excavator equipment up to large scale fixed form 105,000 litre diesel tanks for tank farms within the mining industry.


From time management issues to handling fuel between multiply storage units – as well as health and safety guidelines and the environmental concerns – our self bunded hydrocarbon and diesel tanks are specifically designed and supplied to be more efficient, reliable, durable and controllable. They help rationalise these multiple points of interaction and manage these associated risk elements.

So when you need to work with a supplier who understands your challenges, and when you want to install fuel storage solutions which actually streamline and simplify the running of your business, then get in touch with the experts at FES TANKS.

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