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68,000 Litre Diesel, Petrol or Oil Storage Tank

Grande 68 is our largest capacity self bunded storage tank. It is perfect for the operator that has high volumes of refuelling requirements. It combines maximum fuel storage capacity with a minimal footprint on site. GRANDE Tanks are designed for easy and convenient installation. They offer the flexibility of drop shipping into place, connection to mains power, fill and and go. The double-wall containment construction ensures all tanks are effectively self bunded. Self bunded tanks ensure additional benefits from an environmental perspectives and eliminate the need for traditional concrete bunded wall containment areas on site.

They come in a variety of special colours, coatings and custom dimensions. Refuelling equipment packages can be tailored to suit all applications. Be under no illusion, these tanks will improve productivity within your business and drive down overheads.

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GRANDE X69 Tank Data

  • Tank Contents - Diesel
  • Designed to AS 1940
  • Built to AS1692, CAT-3
  • Internal/external walls - 6mm Steel
  • Gross volume - 69,023 litres
  • Safe Fill Level - 65,570 litres
  • Empty weight - 13,930kg
  • Length - 12,192mm
  • Width - 2,438mm
  • Height - 2,896mm

Standard Features

  • Fill point pipe work, valving and connections
  • Pump bund with optional lockable doors
  • Mechanical overfill protection valve and electronic overfill alarm
  • Venting for tank
  • Access ladder and platform
  • Calibrated dipstick
  • Anti syphon valve
  • 2 No. 600mm spill box manways complete with 6" sockets
  • Standard ISO Container Corner Castings for ease of transportation

Incoming Fuel/Product

  • 80nb tanker fill point
  • Fire safe flanged ball valve, camlock adaptor and cap
  • Non return valve
  • Mechanical overfill valve
  • Internal pipe work
  • High level alarm - hazardous rated, battery powered

Standard Pump Bay

  • Vented and bunded pump bay
  • Water and product drain valves
  • Internal access for hoses from pylon kits
  • Pylon kits with counter weights (optional)
  • Lockable bund doors
  • Foldable access ladder to elevated work platform. Can be mounted on the front, left or right hand side.
  • Bund ventilations
  • Front earth connection
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