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Operating in the mining, oil or gas industry?

Are you under constant pressure to reduce operating costs?

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Fuel is still one of the biggest overheads

in the resource industry

Diesel fuel still powers much of the industry, from the heavy machinery to the generators that are the major power source at remote sites.

At an open pit iron ore mine, fuel used in haulage alone makes up about 30 per cent of energy consumption, with other equipment taking up to another 30 per cent.

Keeping costs down through effective management and quality storage that keeps your fuel and your machinery safe is part of a quality business model.

Common problems caused by poor fuel quality

In mining, downtime for machine maintenance can cost as much as $550,000 per vehicle per year, without factoring in potential damage caused by contaminated fuel.

If you need replacement parts, it can mean weeks out of action for critical equipment. That’s why it’s essential to treat your fuel as the huge investment it is.

Particulate contamination, water and diesel bugs are all common problems that affect fuel quality and cause critical issues for transport operators.

Diesel bugs grow best in the interface between water and fuel and can spread rapidly, spreading particulates in the fuel and generating corrosive by-products that can cause severe damage to tanks and engines.

Other operational issues caused by contaminated fuel

Poor starting or failure to start

Reduced availability of operational equipment

Poor or rough idle, reducing efficiency

Increased consumption

Excessive smoke and emissions

Tank integrity – keeping fuel contained

As well as keeping your fuel fresh and stable, you need to keep it contained.

Leaks in tanks or faulty valves and fittings can not only cost you thousands in lost fuel, but could also mean hefty clean-up bills under environmental legislation.

Complying with Australian environmental standards means ensuring your fuel storage is bunded, which can mean major work.

If you’ve built a bund around a tank farm, dealing with rainwater that collects within the contained area is also a critical issue.

The potential of minor fuel spillages into the water means it needs to be properly drained through a tank bund valve so it doesn’t pollute surrounding water sources.

Self-bunded tanks are an increasingly popular solution that eliminates the need for expensive and inflexible external bunding work and dramatically improves the probability of being able to recover your fuel in a useable condition.

Monitoring fuel use in mining operations

Checking and maintaining tanks regularly can also save you big dollars in the long run.

When the bottom line is critical, every drop counts, which is why many mines have achieved major savings through measures as simple as reducing idling time and unnecessary stopping.

The condition of haulage routes is another a key factor in fuel consumption, with dry and hard-packed roads offering the best fuel economy.

Research shows for a mining operation moving 20 million tonnes over a set haulage path, wet conditions will increase diesel use by 820,000-litres.

Tracking fuel consumption and finding out early about any discrepancies or fuel theft can save huge potential losses.

After all, when you’re mining every litre of fuel lost or stolen not only loses you the cost of that litre, but also your fuel tax credits on that amount – and the figures add up quickly.

Modern fuel management systems can help you monitor tank levels and track consumption down to the individual machine, feeding you information on when fuel reaches critical levels in tanks and on usage by different operators in real time, so you can be easily alerted to any abnormal changes.

Having this information can also help you spot potential tank or equipment maintenance issues early before critical failures lead to an expensive loss of production capacity.

It’s critical to keep fuel safe, keep people safe and keep the environment safe, and

juggling all three means keeping your eye on the ball.

That is why we created our unique range of self bunded fuel storage tanks. We cover all aspects of fuel compliance so "YOU" don't have to.


1,000 litres - 6,000 litres

A smaller more mobile storage solution for small to intermediate fuel storage requirements


(Tank Sizes)






Customer Product Satisfaction

6000l diesel tank

BLOC Tanks

THE BLOC RANGE of tanks are designed for applications where small to medium amounts of fuel storage is required. They are our most popular range because of their compact sizes, flexibility and the ease at which they can be moved or transported.

Below are refuelling examples of a BLOC 4500 Tank for a range of common commercial vehicles.

farm fuel tank refilling guide


12,000 litres - 68,000 litres

The "Big Boys" of our product range.

Large efficient fuel storage solutions for operators with lots of equipment using large amounts of fuel annually

(Tank Sizes)




Customer Product Satisfaction

69,000 bunded diesel tank

Grande Tanks

The Grande Tank Range is for the big operators that move at scale. Large volumes of fuel required to drive a large fleet of vehicles and equipment. These tanks have a self contained pump bay that is spec'd out to suit your exact requirement.

These tanks offer a great drag and drop solution with all internal fit-out done off site.

Grande Tank Pump Room Compartment

Grande Tank Pump Room Compartment

Big commercial sites that use tens of thousands of litres of fuel over peak periods are well suited to the GRANDE offering. Remember no underground works required here. Drag and drop. Job done.

Both the BLOC and GRANDE tank range are compatible with multiple fuel types

fuel compatibility key landscape


1,000 litres - 68,000 litres

Custom built 'solutions' to improve your business operations on the ground

Multi-compartment site storage tanks.

Storage and dispensing for different grades of oil.

multi compartment oil storage tank on a mine site

Oil filtration systems

Recycling solution for improved longevity of oil supplies on site

kidney loop filtration system and storage tank

We offer a custom 'design and build' solution on our entire range of tanks.

Whatever your challenge on site, we guaranteed to deliver your business operational and financial savings over the long term.


So confident in our product we are offering a 100% FES manufacturers guarantee across our entire tank range. Your FES TANK is warranted to the original user against defects in workmanship or materials under normal use for a period of 24 months* after purchase date.


Our industry experts have the knowledge to help you make the most of the fuel that keeps your business running, using the latest in storage and stabilising products and integrated fuel management systems.

Our storage solutions within the mining, oil and gas industry include:

Using Water-finding paste as part of a regular tank maintenance routine. This will help detect water in your fuel supply which can then be drained out before it causes problems like fuel degradation, tank damage or bug growth.

Our Biocide for diesel fuel will help keep your fuel fresh and stable for longer and reduce the potential for damage to critical machinery.

Fuel management systems to monitor storage levels, fuel usage and fuel efficiency as well as integrate with other business monitoring systems.

A full range of fuel storage options including our unbeatable, fully-certified self-bunded 'Drag and Drop' tanks designed for easy access and maintenance. This extends from a small 1000l tank to large scale multiple unit tank farms.

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Being involved within the mining, oil and gas industry is exciting as these sectors are the ones that drive innovation and design at scale.

We have created both beautiful and practical working solutions for operators who required cost savings through efficient large-scale fuel storage solutions. We can do the same for you.....

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