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  1. There is a solution and the solution has been on the market for sometime (20 years) but recently underwent some significant changes to keep pace with the lubricity issues in ULSD by improving the lubricity. We decided to test it with E10 after one of our distributors had noticed it held both the water and ethanol in solution. We managed to find out that Intertek in Adelaide South Australia was able to test the lubricity of E10 so we sent them some Fuel Conditioner Concentrate (FCC) to be diluted 4000-1 with E10 purchased locally and the results were astonishing.
    Control. 685
    Treated with FCC 200
    From the data sheets we have down loaded from the fuel companies web sites the control is meant to be 450 so the result achieved is astonishing don’t you think. We can solve all the problems associated with Ethanol Fuels and just think we sell very little in Australia and heaps in Asia, EU and the USA.

  2. The ugly you’ve failed to mention on Biofuels is the worst of them all. It is the food crisis caused in third world countries. You don’t have to search too hard to find a wealth on reports and analysis on this mater. But it does appear that poor developing nations are jumping on the bandwagon to the detriment of their populace. This is unconsionable as far as I am concenred

    • Agreed Rohan there is a moral balance that needs to be found between farming for food or farming for fuel. Will be interesting on how that plays out.

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